Taylor Ann Linko, who is passionate about art of every kind, dye paints glorious wedding dresses. She enjoys adding colour to everything and making art of anything.

She is now not only a successful artist and but also an accomplished entrepreneur.

However, her story did not start with success at first.

She graduated from college with a bachelors degree in arts, in ceramics. In her early years, she faced big failures in almost all types of arts and crafts. When she graduated, she launched TaylorAnnArtParty, which is a professional face painting and balloon twisting business venture. Thanks to that business venture, she could earn money and improve her skills.

However, she had to move to California when she got married. There, she launched a new business by selling handmade softball and baseball Halloween prosthetics on Etsy but this business failed.

When someone put her dye painted wedding dress, which she had thought she won’t be able to re-sell, it became viral and millions saw it.

That moment was her turning point and since then, she has been designing painted wedding dresses for her enthusiastic customers.