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Born in Ethiopia, Jonah Larson started crochet knitting when he was 5 years old and became a phenomenon when he was 11. Today he has more than 190,000 Instagram followers, over 45,000 YouTube subscribers and a book deal. Let us take a closer look at this story that will inspire us.

Jonah began knitting at the age of 5 with his discovery of several YouTube lessons.

He learned a lot about his hobby thanks to the online lessons he discovered on crochet knitting, and it didn’t take long for him to master his work and soon he started making gloves, blankets and tablecloths.

He started his own business, called “Jonah’s Hands selling his handmade goods”. Nowadays he and his mother are working on a book called ‘Hello Crochet Friends’. Jonah is doing very well in school and wants to become a successful surgeon in the future.