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If you’ve ever been within a shouting distance of a dog owner, you probably know the term “cone of shame”.  Dogs wear it when it is medically prescribed to stay away from their post-surgery stitches or bothersome skin conditions.

Dog mom and photographer Winnie Au, made a photo series with dogs in a variety of delightfully frilly and fluffy cones, instead of classic stiff plastic and uncomfortable ones.

Au chose featured dogs from New York and complemented each dog’s body type, fur and personality with handcrafted cones designed by costume designer Marie-Yan Morvan. Au and Morvan used feathers, egg shells and straws, and made sleek designs which were made with faux flower petals and makeup application wedges to create the cones. They put the pieces together as abstract paintings and made sure the tones and colours were in symmetry with each other.

Au also created note cards from this photo series as a part of a Kickstarter campaign that supports Animal Haven’s Recovery Road fund.