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art institute of chicago

Many world-famous museums have opened their archives to the public in recent years. The Art Institute of Chicago is one of them. The Institute modernised their website and published their collection online. One of the purposes is to promote lesser-known art pieces in their collection.

The Art Institute of Chicago is already a very popular museum for visitors. With digitalization, it’s popularity and visitor numbers is likely to increase even more.

The paintings have been uploaded in high resolution. Art lovers can download paintings in high quality and with CC0 (Creative Commons Zero) licence. There is also information and voice-record presentations for each painting.

Some of the paintings are here:

Target – Jasper Johns – 1961

Target, Jasper Johns, 1961

Time Transfixed – René Magritte – 1938

Time Transfixed, René Magritte, 1938

Self-Portrait – Vincent van Gogh – 1887

Self Portrait, Vincent Van Gogh

And this record is Vincent van Gogh’s Self-Portrait’s.

The Girl by the Window – Edvard Munch – 1893

The Girl by the Window, Edvard Munch, 1893

The Red Armchair – Pablo Picasso – 1931

The Red Armchair, Pablo Picasso, 1931


You can reach to the collection from here