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This amazing photoshoot portrays Slavic fusion art in the series ‘Pagan Poetry’ made by Polish photographer Macin Nagraba, with costumes made by Agnieszka Osipa.

The model is the photographer’s mother and by all means having a ‘babushka’ in these photos gives an even more Slavic feel to them.

Agnieszka Osipa explains her journey: “It all began with my fascination with folklore music back in high school. Ever since one of my teachers advised me to get into clothing design, I’ve tried to incorporate one into another.”

My route was first the Art High School in Jaroslaw and then the Academy of Fine arts in Lodz in Costume Design speciality. But I was always painting instead of sewing, and always thought this will be my final destination career-wise.”

Polish photographer and graphic designer Macin Nagraba was born in 1992, and now lives in Warsaw. He also did the make-up and stylization of this series. “Inspired by music, emotions and space, Marcin creates beautiful photographs of modern goddesses, nymphes and heroines of tragedies. His goal, indeed, is to tell stories through his work, and one must say that he has got a weakness for drama.”

“The gloomy twilight atmospheres, give his pictures an ancient colorized postcard effect, he clashes the white and intricate theatrical costumes of his models with a lugubrious and minimalistic background.” says Beautiful Bizarre about the artist.

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