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Born in 1910, Füreya Koral graduated from Notre Dame de Sion French High School in Şişli. After graduating in 1927, Füreya Hanım studied philosophy at Istanbul University and played the violin. It is even said that Mustafa Kemal Pasha and Latife Hanım visited their house and Füreya Hanım played violin in front of them.

A few years after World War II, Füreya Hanim suddenly got tuberculosis. In Switzerland, where she went for treatment, she would get rid of this disease and set sail for a whole new world. She began to give shape to clay and plastic dough to spend time in the hospital. She wanted to study painting, sculpture, and ceramics. In the 1950s, she became seriously interested in art.

She studied visual arts in Paris and opened her first exhibition in 1951. She then returned to Turkey and her artworks took place in several exhibitions. Turkish poet, novelist, essayist, literary historian, and politician Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar praised her exhibition in 1958.

The artist, who mostly preferred to use abstract elements in her works, easily reflected the east-west elements through them. Of course, she won many awards, including the silver medal from the 1955 Cannes exhibition, gold from Prague in 1962, and silver from the 1967 exhibition in Istanbul.