UNESCO Cities of Design

Wuhan is an important city in China with a population of 10.89 million people. Wuhan is the original “tea harbour” of the Tea Road since the 17th century. The city has 1,300 patrimonial and over 10 well-preserved modern industrial heritage sites. This is a great source of inspiration for the city’s 500,000 creative practitioners. Creative design major programs are available in over 30 universities in Wuhan. Animation, games, costumes, jewelry, printing, wrapping and other creative design sectors of Wuhan are also of great importance in China.

Wuhan takes creative design as one of the key drives for integrating creative design into its culture, economy, society, life and environment.

The new policies could inspire young people with innovative ideas, infuse fresh blood of innovation and creativity to the city, nurture new generations for the creative design cities and consequently drive the sustainable development of the city.