UNESCO Cities of Design

Torino is one of the main industrial centers of Italy since the 19th century with its steel, chemical, textile and automobile industries. The development of the city continues with the promotion of creativity and sustainability and the renewal of urban areas.

In the city, which houses famous artists, modern institutions, educational institutions and universities, there is a cooperation between cultural institutions and the academic world. It also promotes the mobility of artists and professionals, and supports international exchange programs.

Torino was chosen as World Design Capital in 2008. Since it has been a part of UNESCO Creative Cities Network, The Creative Network Steering Committee of Torino, which includes representatives from public, private and academic sectors, designs activities and events that support the development of Torino as a Design City. Torino is committed to improving the creative potential of young people in the city because it wants to develop the city’s design initiatives.

Source: https://www.designcities.net/city/torino/