UNESCO Cities of Design

The capital city of South Korea, Seoul, is the heart of the national design scene, and the economic, cultural, and social center of the country. The main focus of Seoul’s designers are the IT related devices, digital home appliances, and the automotive industry. Seoul has many cultural and economic activities to serve over 10 million city residents.

People coexist with nature, and modernity harmonizes with tradition in Seoul. The government works to make design one of the leading industries of the city and supports their technological development. Over 170.000 jobs focusing on manufacturing, design consultancy, and fashion design have been generated in recent years in the design industry of Seoul. There are thousands of advertising specialists, digital content developers and game designers living in the city.

Seoul contributes to Creative Cities Network with four types of exchanges since it has been a part of the CCN: Policy exchange for sharing its urban achievements with the world; human exchange to pass its knowledge to future generations; industrial exchange to cooperatively overcome the challenges of the information era; and education exchange for fostering individuals with creativity. These types of exchanges are made to encourage cities to sustainable and healthy development.

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