UNESCO Cities of Design

Puebla, founded 485 years ago, is a city in Mexico. It has been designed with a human-oriented development plan for the stability of the population, with symbolic references that define its own unique style in urban design and architecture since the XVI. Century. The Historical Center of Puebla is one of America’s major religious heritage sites, and since 1987, it is known as a World Heritage cultural wealth.

The government, industries, academics and citizens are working to promote and accelerate the cultural and design ecosystem with the aim of enhancing the design capability and the creative development of youth with the “Puebla: Capital of Innovation and Design” project. Puebla, with its creative industries of textile, automobile, plastic, furniture, handcrafts and high added value services; focuses on innovative ideas, solutions to problems, needs and opportunities of human development and connects developers and designers with the industry.

Since 2015, Puebla has been a part of the Unesco Creative Cities Network and is actively collaborating in multidisciplinary activities to achieve sustainable urban development.