UNESCO Cities of Design

You may not have heard of Nagoya before but it is one of the most important cities of Japan. Nagoya is located at the center of Japan and is the capital of the Aichi prefecture. Also, it extends across the three prefectures of Aichi, Gifu, and Mie, as the Greater Nagoya Region. This economic block is one of the country’s three major metropolitan areas.

When we see the history of Nagoya, We can accurately understand the unique beauty it holds. Nagoya has a distinctive history of modern urban development called ‘Kiyosu-goe’, where everything in the castle-town of Kiyosu was transferred to the Nagoya region with the completion of Nagoya Castle in 1612.

Nagoya declared itself a ‘Design City’ in 1989. The inspiring announcement by the Nagoya City Assembly touched its citizens and imprinted itself on their memory. It has been a focal point of the municipality ever since, encompassing three areas: community building, product manufacturing and the cultivation of human resources.

Nagoya City prepared and applied to the UNESCO for the membership in the design category and in 2008, Nagoya City was appointed as a UNESCO City of Design.

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