UNESCO Cities of Design

Mexico City is the capital city of Mexico and the largest city of Mexico in terms of population. It is a world-renowned centre of art and a hotspot for creativity. Thanks to its innovative approach to design, the city was awarded the title of Official World Design Capital in 2018.

Mexico city has many famous design festivals including the Abierto Mexicano de Diseño (Mexican Open Design), Design Week Mexico, and City Mextrópoli. According to Mexico City’s approach, multi-stakeholder approaches are the key to promoting design-driven action for the city. The city demonstrates passion and enthusiasm for design while blending old and new in innovative health, communications and security programmes, a bike sharing programme, urban gardens, parks and playgrounds.

The city is considered as a model for other megacities and it has a powerful story of solving urbanization problems and improving the lives of its citizens by using design.

Laboratorio para la Ciudad (Lab for the City), which is a government experimental and creative office, was established in 2013. It was the first programme of its kind in Latin America. The aim of this office is to address social and urban issues through a creative, transdisciplinary and participatory lens.

In 2016, Mexico City was named both “The Most Beautiful City in the World” and the “#1 Place to Visit″, and now, it is the sixth World Design Capital –  the first from the Americas to receive the title.

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