UNESCO Cities of Design

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Kolding is an important high-tech center for Denmark and Northern Europe with a population of 92,000. Historically known for its textile design and production, and production of silver, Kolding has become a vibrant creative center. With a first hand experience in design-oriented innovation in public services, the city is working to increase social responsibility and innovative ways of progressing towards inclusive and sensitive socio-economic development.

Kolding hosts a wide range of conferences and workshops aimed at questioning design and its role in modern society. Kolding is also setting up a business network for design companies with the goal of introducing design as an innovative tool for competitiveness. The municipality has launched a new vision to transform Kolding into a full-scale design-thinking community by 2022 and play a decisive role in the development of the Nordic welfare system version 2.0.

Kolding is a part of the Unesco Creative Cities Network since 2017. In Kolding, design processes are behind businesses, but they are also used in kindergartens, business centers and citizen service centers.