UNESCO Cities of Design

Geelong is a Design City since 2017. The city has a long history of creativity and design. It is one of Australia’s largest cities. As a port city, Geelong is home to 240,000 people.

The city’s economy is transitioning quickly; experiencing great growth in various sectors, it is positioning itself as one of the leading Australian cities. The region is rapidly evolving with cutting-edge smart technology, industrial and urban design, advanced materials and a flourishing creative industries sector.

Geelong is committed to the power of creativity and innovation in building sustainable cities. The 30-year community-led vision “Greater Geelong: A Clever and Creative Future”, outlines a plan for Greater Geelong to become internationally recognised as a clever and creative city-region that is forward-looking, enterprising, adaptive, and cares for its people and environment.

From the region’s Aboriginal heritage to textiles and wool production, automotive manufacturing and surf culture; the design is embedded deeply in the city of Geelong.