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As a metropolis, and with its 6 million population, Detroit is an actual hub for industrial design and a beating heart of creative industries. With the power of its industrial background, Detroit built itself as an American modernist design city and a global center for designers.

Now, the city has a significant employment in design, employing more than 45,000 people and generating $2.5 billion.

Detroit hosts the International Auto Show Industry Days, in line with its rich know-how in the automotive industry. It draws 5,000 automotive and design stakeholders from 60 countries.

city of design, UNESCO, Detroit, creative cities network

Detroit is also home to the Detroit Design Festival, the largest festival of design in North America, showcasing 70 workshops and exhibitions annually attended by 500 designers worldwide.

To further nurture the vibrant sector of industrial design, the Detroit Creative Corridor Center (DC3) was opened in 2010 by the municipality, and rebranded in 2018 to Design Core Detroit. It has served ever since as the city’s advocacy organization by providing leadership, resources, data and analytics necessary to sustain the economic output and social impact of the city’s global creative economy.