UNESCO Cities of Design

Curitiba, which is the eighth most populous city in Brazil, has many venues, events and artists in the areas of culture, gastronomy, theater and design. The local creative sectors in the city, support the tourism industry and promote sustainable growth and development. Curitiba invested in creative sectors and has diversified its economic development, creating a broad stakeholder network to build one of the most dynamic and modern design scenarios in Brazil.

Curitiba wants to increase the country’s welfare level and the quality of life through numerous economic initiatives. The city uses design as a tool for urban transformation and works for this purpose with the participation of all sectors.

Curitiba is one of the highest quality cities in Brazil and has become a national and international benchmark for innovation and city culture. As part of the UCCN network since 2014, Curitiba shares and collaborates with other members to find innovative, creative solutions to address the main challenges facing cities.