UNESCO Cities of Design

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Cape Town is the legislative capital of South Africa. The city has a deep history and diverse population. Since the democratization process, initiated in 1994, Cape Town has used creativity and design as tools in the ongoing process of rebuilding, reconnecting and repositioning the city to transform lives and to build a better, more resilient city for all. That desire led to a strong design economy in the country.

Cape Town’s growing reputation in the field of design is supported by nine major annual design-related events and a spectrum of smaller, more focused design events held throughout the year.

Cape Town was designated as a UNESCO Creative City of Design in 2017, becoming the first city in Africa to do so. “Being part of the Network will help create valuable partnerships; coordinate, focus and grow Cape Town’s local design sector; share and create knowledge, grow new markets and have an impact on Cape Town’s ability to achieve inclusive urban sustainable development,” said the City’s mayor Patricia de Lille.