UNESCO Cities of Design

unesco, city of design, creative cities network, buenos aires

Creativity is a key factor in economic and social development of Buenos Aires. Creative sector has grown rapidly in recent years in Buenos Aires. Between 2004 and 2012 the sector grew by 89.1% in real terms and today represents up to 8.6% of the city’s GDP and 9.1% of the city’s workforce, employing almost 150,000 people. Buenos Aires has been a member of UNESCO Creative Cities Network since 2005.

There are many regulations and policies for promoting the growth of the creative industries in Buenos Aires. According to this regulations and policies, in 2014 The Design District was created to concentrate the city’s design industry and services in a specific territory.

unesco, city of design, creative cities network, buenos aires

The Metropolitan Design Center (CMD) is established in the heart of this district. Its main objectives are to encourage private and public design-related initiatives; support the sector’s internationalization and contribute to turning Buenos Aires into a benchmark of design in Latin America.

CMD hosts the International Festival of Design, an event addressing professionals, students and the public at large, that showcases sustainable and socially inclusive design.

Buenos Aires has been able to harness the energy of its design sector for the development of innovative initiatives on the local, regional, and international levels. Spanning the fields of fashion, architecture, industrial, interior and urban design, with a keen focus on incorporating the latest technology and know-how, Buenos Aires is a city that inspires design.