UNESCO Cities of Design

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Berlin is a center for creative industries. There are countless social, economic and cultural achievements in the field of design in Berlin; and the various backgrounds and stories of the city ensured it becoming a UNESCO City of Design.

Berlin Senate Department for Economics, Technology and Research’s “Projekt Zukunft” plays an important role in Berlin’s creative economy. The project develops strategies for improvement of art in the city by building platforms for cultural exchanges, creating digital and creative economy networks, organizing studies and implementing innovative projects for the economy and the society as a whole. Berlin has been a member of UNESCO City of Design Network since 2005.

In Berlin, there are five arts universities. In addition, there are also many privately funded institutions. They present many design education programs to students. There are more than 5.000 students who study design in Berlin. These students have international collaboration opportunities with exchange programs.

Create Berlin Network, the International Design Center Berlin, designpool and berlindesign.net are some examples of Berlin’s design and fashion networks. There are many regional and international networks. Also, Design Mai, Update, the Berlin Photography Festival and the Walk of Fashion are important international events that are held in Berlin.