UNESCO Cities of Design

Bandung, Indonesia’s third largest city, is the capital of West Java Province. Bandung has an economically strategic position and has small towns with natural and industrial material manufacturers, craftsmen and other practicers of skilled labor. It is also famous for being the distribution center of the world fashion industry since 1930.

Recently, a document identified the keywords that gave Bandung the title of “developing creative city”: avant-garde, urban, artistic, cultural knowledge, and trendsetter.

In December 2015, Bandung has joined UCCN, and is working to optimize the city’s creative potential and increase the well-being of its people. Being a part of this network, Bandung can take advantage of the international creative space and create a more strategic development plan that focuses on people’s creative skills and knowledge. UCCN membership has become a beginning for new, exciting possibilities for the city’s progress.