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Size doesn’t matter when we talk about art and creativity. We know this without a doubt from Hasan Kale, who is a micro artist based in Istanbul. Kale was born in 1959, in Bursa, Turkey. When he was a child, he was drawing portraits rather than going to his classes; and he has been a professional painter for the last 26 years. In the past 10 years of his painting career, he specializes in micro art.

He says: When I was working on what I learned and what I observed, I figured that I can draw approximately 25 lines on 1 millimeter without those lines ever crossing each other. I just wondered, how small can I draw? I got into the kitchen in the middle of the night after I asked this critical question to myself.  A bean caught to my eye and it was the beginning of everything.

A bean, rice, lentil, or even a match can be used as a canvas in his art, as long as it is tiny. Kale exhibited his works twice in Zurich and once in Turkey.


Portrait of Hasan Kale by Koray Kasap.

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