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Burcu Karakaya started her speech with the design thinking process: Empathy, Define, Ideate, Test and Prototype

“You had to work as a team. If the team are using design thinking steps, there is a good design thinking.”

Continuous Innovation Vortex is the most updated version we have now. You had to work focus well. Your definition should be clear, so the ideation process will be meaningful.

Burcu Karakaya is talking about how you should start your design thinking process. She is saying that your hypothesis should definable after all.

If the customer wants a remote which isn’t fall at all, you should make the hypothesis first.

The idea itself isn’t enough alone.

Companies take benefits from design thinking applications a lot. When the company uses design thinking its valuation, increases by 26 times.

Design means business. It is in level 5. Companies should think design as their business.

Intercorporate design should be practicable.

You should consider People, Practice and Platform.




You can say that a company uses design thinking by looking at its inner-corporate processes.

Social interaction is the most important thing in a company.

In companies, you should change the culture; not only the work processes.

– A participant

Culture eats strategy at breakfast.

Peter Drucker

Robust design practices and an engaged organisation don’t just happen: they are enabled by planning, Coordination and supporting systems.

Avoid the thought trap.

Analyzing data is critical for businesses. A data analyst should be hired. Big companies’ data is so complicated and should be clarified.

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