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Leonardo da Vinci was a unique mind. His innovations enlightened the world’s future. Now, his drawings will soon be arriving in mailboxes. The UK’s postal service, the Royal Mail, is issuing a run of stamps featuring some of the artist’s most renowned drawings to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the artist’s death.

For Leonardo da Vinci’s honour, a special stamp series will be released. This series consists of his drawings. Also, there are exhibitions at 12 points throughout the UK. There are 144 of da Vinci’s artworks in Leonardo da Vinci: A Life in Drawing.

There are famous works of da Vinci’s at stamp series, for instance, The skull sectioned (1489), The head of Leda (1505–08) and many others. Other stamps show the artist’s studies of skeletons, joints, and cats.

Exhibitions will be open until May 6. Stamps are available for online shopping.

The skeleton (c.1510–11)

The head of St. Philip (c.1495)

The fall of light on a face (c.1488)

Studies of cats (c.1517–18)

A star-of-Bethlehem and other plants (c.1506–12)

The skull sectioned (1489)

The head of Leda (c.1505–08)

The head of a bearded man (c.1517–18)

A sprig of guelder-rose (c.1506–12)

A design for an equestrian monument (c.1485–88)

The anatomy of the shoulder and foot (c.1510–11)

A woman in a landscape (c.1517–18)

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