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Let’s remember the Mural Istanbul Festival. Local and international artists applied their work onto the sides of many buildings in Kadıköy. After the Festival, Istanbul’s street art culture had grown dramatically. Here are three of those works that we were simply unable to not be impressed by:

1) No More Lies

no more lies, mural istanbul, street art, graffiti

Creator of “No More Lies” had multiple drawings at his home but then he let the colors and lines wander off at the streets. You can see bizarre animals such as foxes and penguins all over Istanbul.

2) Canavar

canavar, artist, mural istanbul, kadıköy, street art

“Canavar”, meaning, Monster. If you’re looking for a welcomed nightmare, this work is a must-see. And you will be pretty shocked when you figure out that those monsters are extremely beautiful because of their uniqueness.

3) Lakormis

lakormis, mural istanbul, kadıköy, grafitti, street art

Want some color and a little feminine touch? We regrettably don’t have many female artists performing on the streets. But here is a work of one: Lakormis. When you encounter it, take your time and look at its characteristic bold approach.

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