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Iris van Herpen (previously) combines technology and traditional couture in her works. She recently made a 2019 fall/winter collection called “Hypnosis”.

Iris van Herpen is inspired by the wind-powered kinetic outdoor work of American artist Anthony Howe for Hypnosis. Hypnosis, a fashion show held in Paris after being exhibited as Iris van Herpen’s every collection is much talked about.

“The ‘Hypnosis’ Collection is a hypnotic visualization of nature’s tapestry, the symbiotic cycles of our biosphere that interweave the air, land, and oceans,” explained Iris van Herpen in the show notes. “It also reflects the ongoing dissection of the rhythms of life and resonates with the fragility within these interwoven worlds.”

To create her technological ‘Hypnosis’ couture, van Herpen collaborated with Professor Philip Beesley to create a technique that involves tens of thousands of plotter cut mini ripples that continuously dissect the dress through each movement of the body, revealing skin in between the whimsical spheroid patterns.

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