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Graphic designers consider grids as one of the fundamental staples in their toolbox. But why? How can a grid line be so important for your design project? Every designer will have their own reasons, but grids help you to structure your designs that would otherwise be difficult and troublesome.

Here are some reasons why you should use the grid:

Grids keep your content organized

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Your elements are aligned and ordered, your page design is clean and neat. This is heaven!  By establishing a grid system, you are setting a structure for yourself to align elements against, so you can create for yourself an organized layout.

A quick job formula

We know that quick, easy and better solutions are the key ingredients when we talk about 21st-century businesses and enterprises. By courtesy of these ingredients, our efficiency is improved.

As a trustworthy guide, grids speed you up. You will save time and won’t have to trade-off creativity. Grids can show you where it is best to place, position, and scale elements. You will find a decent looking composition without much effort.

Start creating your design by placing your grids first.

Other designers will thank you

grid, design

You may have to work with other designers. If so, grids will relieve all those stress and frustration of miscommunication. Other designers, who you work with, can see easily what you’ve been up to. Your design language will be more understandable by other designers.

Remember, if you need 5 columns, don’t use 25 columns. Instead, set up a functional grid system of your own.

Balance your design easier

You will have a symmetrical layout when you divide up your design into a certain amount of columns. It will be easier to pick which element goes where.

Break the grid for extra attention

You’ve created a spectacular grid formula which suits you perfectly. You might be afraid of breaking the most beautiful and ordinate thing in the world but listen! Breaking that grid will give an eye-catching effect and if you have a product which you have to highlight; this is the moment it shines! Breaking the grid creates a memorable, effective design.

Flexible work-buddies!

Your spectacular grid formula may not always be suitable for every design. Fear not, as all grids are highly functional and flexible things and can adapt to your changing designs.

Your Viewers’ Eyes Will Thank You

grid, design

By using grids on type heavy layouts, creating even columns of type becomes a whole lot easier and quicker to do. And, through columns, you have a much stronger hold on your line lengths.

This is the reason why newspapers rely so heavily on grid-based layouts, it helps them to construct columns of type much faster and easier, making their content far more readable.

Whether you’re a fan of grids or not, there’s no doubting how useful they can be to so many designs. It’s no surprise that the use of grids can be dated back to the 13th century.