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Do you want to change your home’s style? Consider the new trend: Barndominium. It’s a pretty and a practical living option. It started with creating a loft area above. Many farmers and ranchers would create loft areas above working barns to keep animal caretakers close. Now, it’s used in luxury homes and vacation rentals, especially in upscale rural areas with ranch land and vineyards. Usually, a steel shell is used and then tons of interior customization options are added.

A barndominium can be designed with an open interior layout. While decorating, color is the best tool to define a place. You can use colorful stripes to give your home a warmer look. In order to create a focal point in a large open space, accent walls can be used and ceilings can also be used as accent walls.

Large furniture-like sectionals and oversized chairs are advantageous to fill places without making it look crowded. Furniture store look can be avoided by grouping the furniture, and using one color pallette can help you to unify the room.