UNESCO Cities of Design

Design Brief

Conduct a questionnaire or interview with the client to get the design brief.


Conduct research in the industry itself, its history and your competitors. Problem-solve first, design later.


Conduct research on logo designs that have been successful and current styles and trends that may relate to the design brief.

Stretching and Conceptualizing

Develop the logo design concept around the brief and your research. This is the single most important part of the design process. Get creative.


Whether you position yourself as a contractor (getting instructions from the client) or build a long-lasting relationship (guiding the client to the best solution), revise and improve the logo as required.


Present only your best logo designs to the client. You may also wish to show the logo in context, which will help the client more clearly visualize the brand identity.

Last step: Delivery and support

Deliver the appropriate files to the client and give all the support that is needed. Remember to under-promise and over-deliver.

Source: Desircle