UNESCO Cities of Design

Istanbul Design Summit was held at Haliç Congress Center on March 1-2. Speeches by participants from different parts of the world were listened to with great interest by the audience.

The event, which was attended by Binali Yıldırım, Mevlüt Uysal and Ali Yerlikaya, had a magnificent opening scene.

Binali Yıldırım presented the audience with the Istanbul 4.0 design plan. Ali Yerlikaya explained the importance of Istanbul in his own words and said that Istanbul is among the most creative cities of the world.

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The main themes of the first-day speeches were Better Design Better Life, Design Policy, and Design and Innovation.

In the speeches, Ece Yalım emphasized that good designs are made through teamwork; and Celaleddin Çelik said that beauty is not related to the image.

After Better Design Better Life session, an interview was held with miniature artist Hasan Kale, and member of Turkey Design Council Board, Mehmet Kalyoncu.

UNESCO Cities of Design has their different points of view on design policy. With Design Policy session, policymakers took advantage of each other’s policy. Creative Industries Styria General Manager Eberhard Schrempf, Design and Innovation Policies Researcher Piotr Swiatek, designaustria Director Severin Filek, Puebla Innovation & Design Commissioner Luis Gonzalez Arenal, Ornamo Art and Design Finland Vice President Päivi Tahkokallio, Academy of Fine Arts and Design Ljubljana Vice-Rector Prof. Boštjan Botas Kenda, Design Connect Founder and Director Michael Thomson were on stage.

On Design and Innovation Session, speakers talked about that design and innovation are increasingly becoming popular in the field of business. When innovation is backed by design, it becomes almost impossible to break with another innovation without design. Bager Akbay, Lund University Professor Jasjit Singh, ATÖLYE Co-founder and Head of Design Engin Ayaz were on stage.

At the end of the day, the world-famous designer Karim Rashid performed.

Karim Rashid explained all the details of design history, ranging from analogue to digital age, to the audience. Emphasizing that the original and new things should be tried frequently, these words of Rashid’s have been taken into consideration: “We will become one nation in the future. No racism. No nationalism. We’re human beings. Almost everybody has the same needs. But also we are all completely different.”

Sustainable Design and Scaling Design were the main themes of the second day.

Gizem Aytaç was the first speaker of the Sustainable Design panel. She told about the game “GOM” that she created for the children in her presentation. GOM is a game that provides children to learn to share through the power of playing, designing and creating together with the motto: “There shouldn’t be anyone that does not know about geometry.”

Sigrid Bürstmayr, one of the participants of the second day, instilled a sense of motivation to the audience by asking “How can we change the world?”

The following sentence, which stands out from Pınar Önce’s speech, was very important: “We should all understand design for sustainable living and we should all do something about it.”

In the Scaling Design session, speakers (SHERPA Founder Yakup Bayrak, BluTV Managing Director Alptuğ Çopuroğlu, Userspots Founder and UX Consultant Mustafa Dalcı) talked about how a big scaled organizations’ design director decides on design matters and how it is measured through different protocols.

On the second day, Istanbul Design Policy Workshop was held in the event with special members.

Famous Austrian graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister has given one of the most influential speeches of the second day with his speech on beauty in design.