Polish designer Zuzia Kozerska created a new guessing game “Who’s She?” featuring famous successful women from around the world.

This guessing game has a similar style with the classic “Guess Who?” game which was launched in the 1970s. However, “Who’s She?” includes the faces of 28 female painters, athletes, scientists, and astronauts on laser-cut wooden boards that flips up to show them.

The other difference from the classic game is that the players ask questions about women’s accomplishments such as “Did she discover something?” instead of asking about physical appearances like “Does your character have red lipstick?”.

There are faces of Frida Kahlo, who is the world famous early 20th-century painter, contemporary athlete Serena Williams, and many other successful women that changed history. Their faces are illustrated in watercolour portraits by artist Daria Golab.

The project aims to inspire women to dream bigger and take risks; to encourage girls, to show that girls can do anything; and to praise the women who represent a variety of professions, domains, nationalities, ages from our history.