rahmi koç museum, istanbul, museum, exhibition, design

Rahmi M. Koç Museum is one of the most famous museums in Istanbul. It has three separate parts and is around 27.000 square meters.

First is the Mustafa V. Koç Building (Historical Lengerhane Building). Lengerhane is the first building of the Museum. In 1991, the building was bought and restored by Rahmi M. Koç Museology and Culture Foundation. After a meticulous restoration an underground gallery was added to the original building and in December 1994 the Museum opened its doors for visitors.

The second part is Historical Haskoy Dockyard. Due to the inadequacy of space for showcasing the collections of the museum, Hasköy Dockyard, which was in ruins then, was bought in 1996. The dockyard was in front of the museum, on the shore of the Golden Horn. This historical dockyard had been founded in 1861 by the Ottoman Sea Line Company (Şirket-i Hayriye) for the maintenance and repairing of their ships. 14 ruined buildings that surround three sides of the land were restored keeping their original structure. Workbenches of historical sled and train were brought to working conditions and in 2001 were opened for visitors in the dockyard part of the museum.

rahmi koç museum, istanbul, museum, exhibition, design

The final part is Open Air Display Area. This section is reserved for large-scale and durable objects such as a submarine, ferry boat, planes and an impressive floating sheerlegs. 

There are many projects and events at Rahmi M. Koç Museum. These are; Primary School Education project, Kindergarten Education project, Science and Technology Workshop, Colorful Mathematics World, For Technical Schools, Weekend Workshops, Museum Bus, Discovery Sphere.

rahmi koç museum, istanbul, museum, exhibition, design

Museum’s collections vary in range: Atatürk Collection, Road Transport, Rail Transport, Navigation, Aviation, Living History, Machinery, Communication, Scientific Devices, and Models and Toys.


The museum can be reached by IETT buses, minibuses, ferries, Metrobus, Sightseeing Tours.


+90 212 369 66 00


Haskoy, Hasköy Street No: 5, Istanbul – European part.