UNESCO Cities of Design

How did you first begin your art? What led you to create?

I started my art by wanting to see my dreams come true. I started to see the limits of what I could do by seeing my ideas with photo editing programs and continued to do so systematically.

I owe it to my accumulative ideas which led me to produce in the beginning.

At the moment I continue to produce and I’m implementing the idea of turning the artworks I have dreamed of for many years into jewelry under the Icaro Brand with Berit Asya Usta.

Do your works represent your personality? What would you say your style is?

I can find myself in my works, especially in the works I criticize social media, I criticize myself a little as well. 

What inspires you for your works?

I’m inspired notably by my own habits, people around me, people’s behaviour and lifestyle. When I get out on the street, anything can inspire me basically.

Could you define your identity as an artist in one sentence?

I think I’m someone who inspires his surroundings with original designs.

What is your creative process?

First, I plan how to materialize my ideas. I put together some images and make the selection. I’m going through the manipulation phase after I eliminate those who are not in the concept.

How would different sectors benefit from design-based thinking? 

With the design-oriented thinking system, artworks which appeal to people’s emotions and personalities can be produced. As a result, if this is an advertising campaign, it can appeal to more people. At least I’m following this path when I’m preparing a brand’s advertising image. I aim for the brand to appeal to everyone without limiting myself only with the target audience.

How do you think identity and design affect one another? What are the impacts of design in culture? 

I think that the results of an artwork can be really different, and it depends on education and cultural differences. I think myself and my design perception has been advancing through living with different cultures for many years. If you want to do design, you need to meet many new people from different cultures and we need to experience different cultures.

The world is changing rapidly, people’s tastes are also rapidly changing, how do you think this situation affects the design world?

I think it affects many things. Unfortunately, according to my observations on social media, it is interesting to note that in contrast to the aesthetic perception in this era, studies away from the design that is ridiculed and focused only on making people laugh.

How can design contribute to change, solution and innovation?

I believe it will contribute if design principles are used correctly. While I am criticizing social media in my own works, I aim to raise awareness in people. I want people to find something of their own and make their own self-criticism and aim towards the right decision.

What does design mean to you?

Design is a formation process of a product that is unearthed with aesthetic perception from the beginning to the end.

Does Istanbul affect your art and your artworks? How does it inspire you?

Istanbul is a very beautiful city and it is as beautiful as it is chaotic. I’ve been living in Milan for 6 years and that’s why I’m inspired by Milan right now. Milan’s historic texture and buildings designed with respect for history encourage me to create.