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The idea of having your own game room in your house is amazing, no matter what type of games you are into. Having a room that is only for fun at home to enjoy is enough to feel relaxed. 

If you have a spare room, an unused den, a corner of the basement or even space above a garage, it is easy to create a game room. Here are the 4 steps you should take to create the ultimate game room in your house: 

1) Determine the game types you want to have

First you should decide what type of games you want to include. You can put a pool table with a table tennis together in a room. Foosball or classic standby of professional card tables can also be added. You may use the walls for smaller games such as a dart board. Video games, classic arcade cabinets or pinball machines can also be used. 

2) Integrate your game room with other areas in your house

You don’t have to distinguish your game room from other areas. As an example, if your living room is big enough, you can put an arcade cabinets or foosball table there. For smaller homes, some areas can also be used in a multifunctional way. A dart board can be added to a den, or a pool table may be set up next to a home bar area, or a table tennis can be placed in a converted loft. 

3) Find a Theme

Choose a design theme for your game room. For a minimalistic design, only the game tables with little to adorn the room may be chosen. For a whole design theme, some building materials can be used to put a foosball table or pool table as part of an industrial bar theme. 

Decoration can be changed based on the games you choose. If you use video games or pinball machines, with retro posters featuring classic games on the walls, your area can have a classic arcade look. The area may be a classic billiard room full of rich textures and elegant lighting fixtures. Besides these examples, your game room should consist of your tastes and interests. 

4) Organize your room based on the most important game in the room

The organization of your game room should be around the largest game in the room. Everything should be arranged out from that game. For example, a pool table can be placed in the center of the room as a focal point. A large wall hanging can be put next to the pool table with lighting fixtures above the table. For video games, a big screen television or a set of pinball machines should be in the focal point.