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Karim Rashid is a very prolific industrial designer and pioneer in the fields of product, interior fashion, furniture, and lighting design. He is one of the most famous designers of 20th century.

He won over 300 awards by his designs for important brands such as Christofle, Alessi, Samsung, Siliconezone, and Hugo Boss. Besides creating thousands of paradigm-shifting designs, Rashid has Honorary Doctorates from the OCAD, and Toronto and Corcoran College of Art & Design Washington. He is also a frequent guest lecturer at universities and conferences.

He designs interiors for hospitality venues and furniture brands and product lines as well. Examples of places in which he has done interior design are Semiramis Hotel in Athens, Morimoto Restaurant in Philadelphia, the Università Metro Station in Naples, and the Nhow Hotel in Berlin.

The most characteristic feature of Rashid is bringing his democratic design sensibility to the public. He calls himself a “pluralist designer” and he says he likes touching different aspects of visual culture in his designs.

He creates diversity which facilitates to cross-pollinate ideas, behaviours, aesthetics, materials and language from one scale to the next, one discipline to another.

Karim Rashid will be on stage for the Keynote Session at the Istanbul Design Summit. Join and get the chance to listen to this eccentric versatile designer. For details and online registration: istanbul.design/summit