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The UX design community is super active on platforms like Twitter, Medium, and Instagram; so following a handful of them means you can be inspired every time your finger inadvertently clicks on a social media app on your phone.

Alisa M. Blair

Blair, product designer at Wave HQ, runs a fascinating feed that challenges us to confront our biases. That’s important in both design and life.

Jessie Chen

Chen writes about workplace ordeals, women’s issues, and provides tips for becoming a better designer.

Lil Chen

Chen handles UX design at Youtube Live, and her thoughts on Super Smash Bros (she used to be a champion!) and personal projects make her more than worth following.

Ratna Desai

Desai is the director of product design at Netflix, following a stint at Google. Her curated list of articles is full of must-reads.

Nancy Douyon

Douyon’s posts from the UX world include opportunities, excellent articles (including ones she’s written), UX tips, and memes.

Yael Levy

Fill your Instagram feed with more than just beautiful pictures—follow this account for solid, trustworthy UX advice.

Jessica Robbins

Looking to go analogue? This feed of Post-It notes from UX director Robbins is full of lessons that she learns on the job.