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Award-Winning Packaging Designs, Award-Winning, Packaging, Design, product, creative

Here are some of the most beautiful, aesthetic packaging designs from important design competitions of 2018.

1) Cedar sushi Package

Cedar sushi Package, Award-Winning, Packaging, Design, product, creative Cedar sushi Package, Award-Winning, Packaging, Design, product, creative

The area where this product is produced is called Keihoku, located in the northern part of Kyoto, Japan, where forestry industry had thrived traditionally. However, due to the decreasing use of domestic wood materials, the community has faced a decline in forestry and job opportunities for locals. This time, the designer has created a new symbolic product by linking forestry and traditional mackerel sushi. Sugi-sushi is a product which enables the community to re-brand the depopulated area and encourages regional revitalization.

2) Souldrops Detergent

Souldrops Detergent, Award-Winning, Packaging, Design, product, creative

The iconic shape and cutting-edge style are a fusion of Hungarian heritage and international trends: The creators reimagined a bottle shape typical in the local culture, painted it in pastel colours, and made them trendy.

3) Panda Cigarette

Panda Cigarette, Award-Winning, Packaging, Design, product, creative

Panda cigarette package is designed for warning people about the harms of smoking. Before unwrapped, it showcases a complete image of a panda head printed on transparent film, but when the cigarettes are pulled out one by one, seen through the panda pattern, the interior skull image emerges. The transformation from a black panda head to a skull against a white background creates a sharp contrast.

4) Shirokuma No Okume

Shirokuma No Okume, Award-Winning, Packaging, Design, product, creative

A design that is as cute as it is curious, Shirokuma no Okome created by the Japanese agency Frame Inc. is fantastically simple, yet it leaves everything to the imagination. The concept was to bridge the gap between the rice company Shirokuma no Okome and the brand image ‘Polar Bear’. This led to the creation of the charming and warm illustrations, which reflect the true gentleness of the product. The design is beyond the physical product itself (rice), however, it is used to elevate the brand into a new space, away from its competition by appealing to the emotive senses of the consumer.

5) Willie’s Cacao Truffles

Willie's Cacao Truffles, Award-Winning, Packaging, Design, product, creative

Not your average chocolatier, Willie Harcourt-Cooze was the UK’s first bean-to-bar chocolate producer and hand-crafts all of his chocolate from his kitchen in Devon. With his dedication to craft and quality, he wanted to bring a little bit of magic and desire to his new range of luxury truffles. Using only the finest natural ingredients, these aren’t your everyday truffles, they are the ultimate after dark indulgence.

6) Pepsi Limited Edition Commemorative Super Bowl LI Can

Pepsi, Limited Edition, Super Bowl LI, Can, Award-Winning, Packaging, Design, product, creative

The Pepsico Design & Innovation Center partnered with retail agency Theory House and illustrator Matt Stevens to bring this concept to life. What started as a single commemorative can grew into a Houston-wide activation, with designs on billboards, tour buses and recycling bins.