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Web designers create the designs for the websites and web apps that we all use on a daily basis. Whether it’s the website for your favourite local restaurant or a huge site like Facebook, it was a designer who decided how the site looks.

On smaller sites, designers might be involved by creating stock templates that can be used as the basis for a site design, while a larger site likely has it completely customised.

The bottom line? Designers are crucial to the tech industry, and play a role in every website, app, and product out there (the good ones at least).

UX Design

How to control (or at least influence) the way users experience your designs.

UI Design

How users see the design, and what are the best patterns for usability.

Information Architecture

Structure and present content to benefit the user.

Responsive Design

How responsive design works.

Common Design Pattern

How things are commonly designed or laid out (and the way users often expect them to be)?

Graphic Design Basics

Create aesthetically pleasing visual elements for a design.


Use typefaces together to create the look and feel you want in your designs.

Colour Theory

Create colour patterns that convey the right emotions.


How to lay out elements on a page for a visually pleasing and useful result.

Design Software

Photoshop and Sketch are the industry standards, but specialized options exist.


The design is just a visual form of communication.

User Modeling

How to create and use personas and scenarios to create better designs?

User Testing

How to test designs to see which ones perform best with actual users.


What limitations exist with modern web and mobile technologies?

Design Briefs

How to collect and interpret information about what a design needs to do.