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Every child likes kindergarten. It should be playful and colorful to take their attention.  

TTC Elite Saigon Kindergarten is very colorful and interesting for the children in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The kindergarten designed by Kientruc O has a full-size playhouse for the children with a coloured facade, irregularly shaped windows and characterful openings.

The window placements were carefully calculated by Kientruc O to make them look random or whimsical. Each room gets enough daylight and there are deep sills on the window bays to let children read, play or perform while preventing the rooms from overheating. The building has five storeys; the first three are for classrooms and indoor playgrounds, the top two floors are for the staff administration.

A staircase curves through the centre of the kindergarten connecting the wide, multi-level indoor play areas that run along the front of the building.

Porthole windows on the staircase let the children peep into the classrooms on the other side.