UNESCO Cities of Design

There is a hotel that was designed as a capsule in Tokyo: Hotel Zen Tokyo. The hotel is located close to Ningyocho Station in Tokyo. The city’s airport and the most important places can be quickly accessed from the hotel. It was built to bring peace to the guests in this busy and noisy city. It is an imitation of a traditional Japanese tea house that gives a sense of calm in the rooms. Each room is a pod designed with Japanese design discipline of “wabi-sabi”, minimalistic design with small spaces and natural materials, and guests can choose from different bed and pod styles among these rooms. There is a “zen” environment to make you feel relaxed.

In the basement, there is a bar and a cafe that serves according to Japanese culture, art, and music. It looks like a cafe-library during the day and there is a traditionally-inspired Japanese culture with music to accompany the drink and cocktail menu at night.