If you’re looking for some different design patterns, you are in the right place.

Here are 10 great websites to find design patterns. Although they are free, some of them might ask you to pay for some premium features. Just a small disclaimer beforehand: We are not affiliates of any of these sites and have no financial interest in you purchasing anything.

1) UI – Patterns

You can find patterns that you like and group them easily. Also, you can find articles on UI design patterns that can help you improve your UI design skills.

2) Pattern Tap

You can easily find whatever you want in Pattern Tap thanks to its drop-down menu system. There are 10,000 User Generated Sets of Patterns.

3) UI Scraps

UI Scraps looks at interface design as a whole and then tinkers with the patterns used. There are both good and bad designs but they are all critiqued so you can understand why the bad ones are considered “bad”.

4) Pattern Browser

You can quickly switch between UI patterns in your browser window. These are not extraordinary design patterns but it is still a good resource.

5) User Interface Engineering

UIE offers more than patterns, it is a resource for all your UI needs. Thanks to user and site commentary, you can improve your approach to UI design patterns.

6) Design Snips

It has a beautiful graphical library for UI works of users.

7) NPM

This an inspirational collection of the patterns that you need for your website.

8) Elements of Design

There are a lot of useful UI design elements and tools beyond UI to utilise.

9) Web Design Practices

It has not been updated for a while but you can still find some useful stuff here.