UNESCO Cities of Design

As time passed, there was an improvement in the art of sculpture. Small-scale sculptures are now being replaced by larger ones. We have listed 9 stunning statues in different parts of the world that will fascinate those who see them.

1) Building Bridges, Italy

This sculpture, which belongs to the Italian artist Lorenzo Quinn, is exactly 15 meters long. The artist designed the sculpture as part of the 58th Venice Biennial. Each is a pair of hands; It represents human values such as friendship, hope, love, wisdom, trust, and love. In addition, the sculpture symbolizes people who transcend differences to make the world better.

2) Wat Samphran, Thailand

Located in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, this dragon statue surrounds a Buddhist temple. There is an 80 meter spiral staircase inside.

3) The Awakening, USA

Located in the National Harbor in Prince George’s County, this statue looks like a giant person trapped in the ground. 5.2 meters wide and 21 meters long, the statue represents a man struggling to free himself.

4) Jadayupara, India

This statue in India is the largest bird sculpture in the world. The statue in the Jatayu Earth’s Center can be visited by tourists.

5) Vigeland Park, Norway

This piece, which is part of Gustav Vigeland’s sculpture park, depicts a stage of human life.

6) Cabeza Vainilla, Mexico

This 3-ton giant statue in Mexico is made of bronze. Cabeza Vainilla symbolizes the greatness of humanity and is displayed in a public place for people to interact.

7) Le Corbusier, USA

This sculpture is a depiction of Charles-Edouard Jeanneret, a Swiss architect of French origin, known as Le Corbusier. Artist Xavier Veilhan made this sculpture to honor Le Corbusier, who contributed greatly to modernism.

8) La Pleureuse, USA

This sculpture by Claude and Francois-Xavier Lalanne is on display at the Hakone Open Air Museum in La Pleureuse, Japan.

9) Behind The Walls, USA

Jaume Plensa is the artist who created this statue in the USA.