UNESCO Cities of Design

Sculpting is a form of art that people have used to express themselves since antiquity. Artists express their deep feelings by abstract or actual forms. Materials carved to meanings, sculptures, have countless lovers from all around the world. Here are amazing examples of admirable meaningful sculptures from many places.

Expansion – Paige Bradley/USA

Dramatic Fairy Sculpture Dancing with Dandelion – Robin Wight/UK


Inner Children Trapped Inside Adult Bodies – Alexander Milov

The Force of Nature – Lorenzo Quinn

Black Ghost/Lithuania

Break Through From Your Mold – Zenos Frudakis/USA

The Rain Man – Jean-michel Folon, Italy

Diminish and Ascend – David Mccracken, Australia

Popped Up – Ervin Loránth Hervé/Hungary

Raindrop – Nazar Bilyk/Ukraine

Les Voyageurs/France

De Vaartkapoen/Belgium


The Knotted Gun/USA

Salmon Sculpture/USA

The Unknown Official/Iceland